Artwork Guides

Artwork ready to print? 

A few key points to remember before sending your print ready file (PDF {preferred}, jPeg or PNG file):

  • Correct size and bleed: Please allow a 3mm bleed around your artwork's final size. For example: An A4's size (210mm x 297mm) with a bleed is 216mm x 303mm.
  • Please try and ensure all images used are 300dpi resolution to avoid them looking blurry/fuzzy when printed.
  • CMYK colour mode, not RGB. Our machines can convert RGB to CMYK, but we can not guarantee the correct colour.

  • "Safe Zone": Keep text approximately 5-10mm from the edge to ensure no information is cropped during printing or finishing.


Exporting Artwork from Canva?

To export your design from CANVA with a bleed, under
=> "File";
      =>"File Type: PDF print".

Tick the box for Crop Marks & Bleed. (CMYK colour is preferred for accurate colour representation) and then download!



Please note that files from the Microsoft Office suite of programmes (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher) are normally not suited to commercial printing.